Advantages of a Mobile Security Service

March 31, 2016

Mobile Security Service

Security for your home or business is critical to keep it safe. Most homes and businesses tend to have an alarm response services that connects with their security guard services. While all this is well and good, if you want to take your security up a notch, hiring mobile patrol security is definitely a good idea.

Mobile security provided by GPS security comes in two forms – on foot and on wheels security. When you have a large area, property or estate to be protected, then a mobile patrol security would fit into your gammit.

So, what are the advantages of a mobile security service?

Covers ground Quickly

The larger the area, the more porous the security. A patrol will ensure that overall security of your home, business or property is good. The simple action of regular rounds around the premise or location ensures that premise is constantly safe.


Good security is not about catching criminals in the act, it is about prevent them all together. A place that has mobile patrols on foot or in vehicles sends out a message that security is taken very seriously.

Mobile security creates the perception that the location has high level security. This just won’t make a criminal think twice but at least three times. The higher the presence, the more risk on the criminal of getting caught.

Quick Action

A mobile security guard is always on the move, hence better able to take quick action. Whether it is the sound of a window breaking or the sound of a door alarm going off, the security guard will be at the scene quick enough.

At such moments, quick action is the need of the hour. A security guard in a vehicle will be able to reach the location quite swiftly.

Correct Action

GPS security guards are well-trained to take the right action in various scenarios. Once a criminal element has been identified, the police are immediately notified. Additionally, GPS security guards have fire and first aid training.

Fire training allows them to actively look out for potential fire hazards. First aid training has given the security guards the capacity to tackle serious health situations and can even give CPR.


You want an affordable security option that’s what GPS mobile patrol security service provides. In terms of cost, it is slightly above the cost of a single, sitting security guard and brings better security to your home property.

Does your home, business or property have sufficient security? Because if it doesn’t have mobile patrol security, you don’t have sufficient security.

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