Crisis Management

Our network of crisis support specialists are trained to handle a range of high-risk scenarios, including conflict strikes, adverse weather conditions and terrorist threats. We are fully capable of mobilizing on short notice to assist in client evacuations from high-risk situations to minimal occurrences. We have extensive experience in carrying out such operations, both for individuals and large groups, and we will always depute the most optimally trained specialists to respond to the crisis at hand. Evacuations are coordinated by our 24/7 Crisis Response Management (CRM) Centre, where crisis support specialists, customer service staff and analysts work together to resolve any required evacuations quickly and efficiently. Having the GPS Security team on hand 24/7 also means that clients have a point of contact for updates and communications on the status of any occurring situations, thereby providing peace of mind to clients in an otherwise tense situation.


Check-in Services

When travelling, it’s essential for companies and organizations to ensure the safety and security of those abroad. With our check-in services, GPS Security Group makes regular contact with the traveller or travelling party to confirm their wellbeing. When travellers are confirmed as secure, this can be communicated to a key contact person ‘back home,’ thereby easing any concerns and providing a duty of care on their behalf. If contact cannot be made by any of the arranged methods and a problem or issue arises, the escalation plan, which was put in place prior to departure, will be implemented.


Our experienced investigation specialists are able to assist clients in a number of areas, such as corporate investigations, missing persons abroad or stalking. Our investigation services also apply to identity theft and fraud assistance, helping clients to determine where their identity was used to commit fraud and support them in rectifying any issues.

Close Protection

We are able to arrange close protection for clients who operate in high-risk environments. Apart from high-end services involving trained security drivers, guards and vehicles, we are also able to arrange simple meet-and-greet services with a driver who understands the local security environment and can escort a client for the duration of their trip.

Security Reviews

GPS is able to assist clients in securing their business premises or private residences by conducting an on-site survey to ensure that optimal security infrastructure and measures are in place. These risk reviews are carried out by experienced professionals who will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current security arrangements and provide prioritized and practical recommendations to mitigate the risks and address any loopholes. The surveys can cover both physical security measures as well as process reviews, in order to minimize the risk of theft, criminal damage and illegal entry.

We Provide A Full Range of Security Services
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