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24/7 monitoring and access control security ensures that only those who are authorized can enter your premises. A basic access control system includes a computerized controller, tracking app and an electronic lock. This is one of the most important steps any organization has to take to create a secure working space and protect information. Select the most appropriate access control security for your business using the following tips.


Size of Organization

The size of the organization or business matters the most in determining the level of access control security. There will be a huge difference in the access control system required for a large enterprise as compared to that of a retail store.

An open site that allows entry to a number of people throughout the day will need to have mobile surveillance trailers so that a watchful eye can be kept on every intruder. Whereas an office that has employees entering in the morning and leaving in the evening can be checked by the security guard alone.

Access Control Cards & 24/7 Surveillance

Access control cards are a good way to ensure that only the people who are needed inside the buildings gain access to it. They restrict outside visitors from passing through and ensure the safety of the premise.

Protect your home and business, while providing hassle-free access to your loved ones, assets, & employees with an efficient access control security system. GPS Security provides an end to end service for designing, installing and maintaining access control security systems. Our professionals have extensive experience working with small businesses as well as large enterprises. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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